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With Mao Linear Motor small series talk about the United States and the United States with

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     With Mao Linear Motor small series talk about the United States and the United States with "entity list" system to suppress Chinese enterprises. It was originally thought that the Americans would be The Way, Way Back on the way to an unprovoked crackdown on Chinese companies. However, since mid-may, the Americans have intensified their efforts, first by upgrading the restrictions on Huawei chips, many Chinese science and technology enterprises and institutions were added to the "entity list" . 

     On May 23, the China Standard Time posted several notices on its website, according to the Tongmao Linear Motor editor, one notice said nine Chinese entities, including the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, "related to human rights violations by Xinjiang" , would be added to the "entity list" Another said it would list 24 entities "associated with Chinese weapon of mass destruction and military activities" , including a number of Chinese universities and enterprises. Subsequently, the Chinese enterprises listed as entities by the US made public statements about the incident one after another. Oriental Netpower Technology Co. , Ltd. said that it was a company operating legally and has been focusing on the security and video surveillance industry since its establishment, with a large number of video data, portrait recognition as the core of the intelligent iot solutions to the core technology, has its own R & D Intellectual Property Rights. The company's end customers are mainly domestic government and public security departments, and all products and services comply with and apply the laws and regulations of the relevant regions, yuntianlifei is an artificial intelligence high-tech enterprise specializing in computer vision recognition. It has always strictly followed all laws and regulations in the area where it provides services, responsible attitude to promote artificial intelligence industry and sustainable development.

     In the past year, the US has expanded the list of entities several times. First, on May 15,2019, the US Department of Commerce added 70 affiliated enterprises such as Huawei to the list of entities. On October 7,2019, on May 23,2020, the Commerce Department added 28 Chinese companies and institutions to its list of entities, including Conway, Iflytek, Kuangshi technology and Shangtang technology, the Commerce Department has added 33 Chinese companies and institutions, including Qihoo 360 and cloud from technology, to its "entity list" . As can also be seen from the above timeline, the U. S. sanctions on Chinese enterprises by artificial intelligence and other high-tech research and application areas to expand to the network safe. 

     Here, with Mao Linear Motor small series hope that Chinese enterprises uphold the "do not stir up trouble, do not be afraid of trouble" attitude. In addition, many of the listed entities are strategic partners with Mao, such as Huawei, which bears the brunt of the list. 

     Based on this, for Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. , Tongmao linear motor will also be affected to some extent, but with the motherland, Tongmao will advance and retreat together with Chinese enterprises. Go China, go tongmao! 

     The article was originally written by of Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. in Kunshan, China.