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It''''s 618 again, so be sure to factor in the voice-coil-motor-driven hard drive when you get to the computer

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     It's 618 again, so be sure to factor in the voice-coil-motor-driven hard drive when you get to the computer. The annual 618 Shopping Festival will be held in about half a month's time. I believe many people's shopping carts are already full of matches. They will only pay for it when the clock strikes midnight on June 18! The logo for's APP, too, was replaced early with 17th 618.

      Alibaba is better suited to buying clothes, bags and other goods, while is better suited to buying electronics. I believe many people share this belief with Xiao Bian. Based on this, many people will pull weeds on computers on the day of 618, because of the huge discounts and the insurance (buy more and get a refund) , there should be a small series of warm tips: When entering a computer, remember to take into account the voice coil motor drive hard disk. Voice Coil Motors are used in a wide range of applications, including hard disks. 

     The hard disk is mainly composed of the disk body, the Control Circuit Board and the interface components. The disk body is a sealed cavity. The internal structure of the hard disk usually refers to the internal structure of the disk body, and the control circuit board mainly consists of the hard disk, the hard disk buffer and the main control chip. Inside the hard drive are two motors, a spindle motor and a voice coil motor, which moves the head arm. When the hard disk is working, servo motor is used to control the voice coil motor, so that the magnetic head arm can track exactly. Hard disk voice coil motor is mainly composed of magnets and coils, magnets are generally a whole, fixed in the hard disk Shell, coil frame and magnetic head arm is generally one, but some coils do not have a frame, directly stuck in the magnetic head arm, the magnetic head arm has a bearing, the position of the coil is between the magnets, when there is a current passing through the coil, the coil can swing flexibly in a fixed direction, driving the movement of the magnetic head arm, the magnetic head arm is also generally equipped with some magnetic head signal processing circuits, the whole circuit, connect to the main circuit board of the hard disk via flexible PCB. 

     The voice coil motor in the hard disk drive can work continuously for a long time with little mechanical wear under the support of high-speed bearings. Hard disk drive head mass is small, inertia is also small, so, hard disk drive's seek speed is obviously faster than floppy drive and optical drive. 

      Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. . Deep farming voice coil motor field more than 10 years, Tongmao Voice Coil Motors are currently sold in cylindrical, rectangular, flat, swing, shaft type five categories, welcome to pay more attention. 

    The article was originally written by of Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. in Kunshan, China.