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New Mother looked over, Linear Motor 3D printing baby parts model to understand

time:2020-5-29  click:2924

     New Mother looked over, Linear Motor 3D printing baby parts model to understand. In early 2020, the outbreak of a new type of coronary pneumonia epidemic, so that "homebody" turned into a contribution to the motherland of the behavior. In the "home squatting" period, some people have become "gourmet" , steamed cake, boil milk tea arrangements; some people have become "storage master" , household goods, Change Clothes Code Neat; Some people have successfully bred the next generation, the beginning of a new chapter in life... 

     This is not really a joke, take linear motor small series, there are many friends and relatives around are pregnant with that "little second son. ". Once pregnant, it is followed by a variety of pregnancy tests. Whether it is for the pregnant mother or the baby in the belly, pregnancy test is significant, it can early detection of patients and understand the development of the baby. Among the many physical examinations, four dimensional color ultrasound has a high status, because four dimensional examination, expectant parents not only can see darling's every move, but also can be synchronized to shoot a zero-year-old photo, the production of fetal pendulum model. 

     With the rapid development of 3D printing technology, it has been widely used in all walks of life, including medical, can you imagine, it has also established a relationship with the four-dimensional inspection? The whole process of 3D printed foetus model is as follows: 1. The original data is obtained through four dimensional inspection; 2. According to the data, the whole skeleton of darling is traced out by relevant software, and the foetus texture data is compensated; 3. After the texture is created, the skin is created by 3D printing and the model is molded. 

     I have to say, 3D printing technology is getting more and more "hard core" . The development of 3D printing technology can not be separated from the powerful boost of linear motor, which is widely used as the driving device in 3d printing equipment because of its high speed, high acceleration, high precision and high response. 


    Kunshan has independently developed, produced and sold linear motors using European and American technology standards and processing technology, and 3D printing is one of the main application fields of high performance and High Quality Linear Motors. 

    The article was originally written by of Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. in Kunshan.