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The cooperation between these two companies is closely related to the linear motor

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     The cooperation between these two companies is closely related to the linear motor. On May 8th, Xinshida held an online presentation on the 2018 performance of Panorama. The company's chairman's secretary, Yanglisha, made a speech on behalf of Yangmishu. He said that next, Xinshita will establish strategic cooperation with Jingdong on wisdom logistics., through the integration of resources, Set up a whole set of logistics ecological environment, accelerate the application of intelligent logistics equipment and service robots, and focus on the field of intelligent robot manufacturing to carry out in-depth cooperation.
     In addition, Xinshida has advantages in elevator control systems, which can be combined with the advantages of Beijing-East distribution scenes and the elevator interaction needs of service robots. This is beneficial for integrating elevator industry resources and jointly developing the elevator market.
     In fact, the two major points mentioned by Yangmishu are closely related to linear Motors. Let's first talk about logistics. A distinctive feature of the development of the modern logistics industry is the application of high-tech technology represented by modern advanced driving technology, automation technology, and information technology. The logistics transmission equipment driven by linear motor represents an application and a trend of modern advanced logistics transmission technology. At present, in the field of logistics transmission, such as airport package delivery, Postal automation sorting, newspaper and book distribution centers, and factory assembly lines, automation has basically been achieved. These devices generally use advanced linear motors as a driving system.
     In the elevator field, as early as 1990, linear motor-driven elevators were installed in the Wanshi Building in Shimashima-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Today, nearly three decades later, linear motor-driven elevators have been widely installed in modern high-rise buildings. Among them. Compared with the traditional traction elevator, the cordless elevator driven by the linear motor does not need to carry weight, and does not need a special computer room to install the drive motor, which can save a lot of space during the installation process. The linear motor drives the cordless elevator without the need to use a long wire rope. The mechanical part used is very simple. There are very few fault points during operation, the elevator is very simple to install, and the maintenance work is relatively small.
     Kunshan tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. has been focusing on linear motor production and research and development for ten years. The linear motor produced by the company adopts advanced European and American technical standards, technology and testing methods, and its quality and power performance have reached advanced levels, which have been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. At present, Tongmao brand linear motors in the logistics and elevator field have applied cases.
     This article originated from the original company of Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd.( Please indicate the source.